Getting started with Reactional Music

1. Go to

Enter the email adressed used to sign up.

2. Click on Sign In

3. Enter your one-time code and click on Verify

Check your email for a one-time login code.


4. Create a New Project

5. Select your Project

Reactional Themes

6. Open the Theme browser

On the left side of the screen. Click the small magnifying glass to open the Theme browser.

7. Drag a Theme onto the Theme Area to load it.

8. Click on the Play button to start listening to the Theme

9. Preview the Macros

Every theme will have a set of defined Macros that affect the music to some extent. These can be directly controlled by in game actions. You can preview them by manually turning them up and down.

10. Preview different parts of a Theme

Themes often come with a varying amount of parts. These are sections of a composition that might fit different scenarios in a game scene. You can preview these by clicking on the different Part buttons. In game they can be triggered by name, or through a macro value, if the composer has set it up as such.

11. Try out Stingers

Themes will likely also come with Stingers and Motifs. These are short stabs of notes, or longer melodic lines respectively, that can be triggered at any point of playback. They will adjust to the current chord being played. These can be triggered either via in game API (or through a Macro in case a composer has set it up like that).

12. Click the Pause icon to stop playback

Reactional Tracks

13. Open the Track browser

Click on the magnifying glass on the very right of the window. This will open the Track browser panel, while hiding the Theme browser.

14. Use the tag system to narrow your search results

For instance, filter by Genre > Electronic

15. Use the Search box to find specific results.

16. Click on the Preview button

Quickly listen to see if the Tracks fit your project and tastes.

17. Drag Track to your Playlist

If it is the first Track added it will automatically be loaded.
In case this Track has never been played by a user before, it will go through a Musical Analysis pipeline that checks chords and tempo etc of the Track. This operation may take up to a minute.

18. Press Play to listen to both Theme and Track

Any Theme active will now follow the currently loaded Track in terms of harmony and tempo. Any Stinger will now fit the tonality of the Track.

19. Adjust the volume balance

Adjust the volume by dragging the faders on the side of the Play button.

20. Pause Playback

21. Click Link icon to decouple

To decouple playback so that Theme and Track don't start simultaneously, click the chain link icon.


22. Click on the Download icon

23. Click on Download test assets

This will collect all the assets on the backend and serve them to you as a zip file to be added to your game.


24. Click Reactional icon to return to start page.

25. Click on Download Plugins

26. Click on Download to grab Unity plugin

💡 Continue with the Unity integration documentation